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  Welcome to the Paint Lake Camp website.  Paint Lake is located 40 miles north of Wawa, Ontario, Canada.  That is about 200 miles north of the border crossing at Sault Ste. Marie.  Paint Lake is relatively secluded but easily accessable by road.  Here you will experience the peace and relaxation you can only find in the heart of the Canadian wilderness.
   Wawa is a town of about 4000 people but has all the features of a much larger town since it is one of the largest towns for a couple hundred miles.  It has it's own hospital, airport, police force, fire department, library and many restaurants and motels.  I am sure you will want to spend some time checking out the town and getting acquainted with some of the great people there.
   Paint Lake is a relatively small lake, but it also connects to other lakes.  There are also many other lakes and rivers in the area that you have access to within a short distance.
   The camp does not have electricity but it does have gas lights, stove and refrigerator.  There is lake water, filtered and pumped into a tank that feeds a shower in the sauna and a faucet at the kitchen sink.  
   After you are at Paint Lake a few days you start losing track of time.  Without a set schedule and ringing phones, it is easy to relax and forget about life in the "real world" back home.
   Please take your time to browse through this website and enjoy all of the pictures and information.  I will be updating it constantly as more information and pictures are received.  Please give your input concerning the site on the "contact page" and tell me if there are things you would like to see added to this site.

There are some links at the bottom of this page which will take you to the Wawa News Page which is updated daily and also to the Webcam site which has 3 different sites in the Wawa area that post new pictures hourly. 

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Here are some links for information in Wawa.  You can also view their 3 webcams in town.

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